How to Properly Do a Test Drive


Believe it or not, doing a test drive is different from normal driving. There are specific factors that you need to think about when doing a test drive because in essence you are not just plainly driving a car, you’re actually evaluating it as you drive along the road. To add, working with a good car dealership gives you the assurance that you are working with a respected dealership. If you’re still looking for a car dealer, visit this website.

See the difference? To explain it even further, here are some tips on how to do a proper test drive.

If possible, Write Down Important Notes

When I say write down some notes I am not implying that you do it while driving – that’s just crazy. What I mean is that you should write down your observations after a test drive. Doing this right after a test drive will help you make an effective comparison if you decide on trying out another vehicle.

It doesn’t have to be a full, detailed account, just the necessary pros and cons that you have observed while driving the car. By doing this, you will have a better overview about the car that you have tested. This is particularly helpful when you are browsing a handful of vehicles and will ultimately help you decide which car to go for.

Observe Good Driving Habits Even During Test Drives

This is a golden rule when it comes to driving cars even more so when doing test drives. Remember that you do not own that vehicle yet. This is a good enough reason why you should be very careful when driving. Moreover, no one wants to be in a moving vehicle with a bad driver. Always observe safety measures and be a defensive driver.

Vehicle’s Handling

Choosing a safe car should be your number one priority that is why when testing out a car, take note of its handling. Generally, new cars  have more safety features and better overall handling.

Evaluate Overall Performance

Finally we have arrived at our final destination – rating the vehicle’s overall performance. After employing all those mentioned steps, you now have available data that you can use to make a decision especially when you are testing out a handful of cars. It is important that you take into consideration not only the car’s amazing maximum speed but also other important aspects such as the car’s safety features, fuel efficiency and most of all its main purpose.

If you like to travel a lot and have a relatively big family, choosing a minivan or SUV is more reasonable than choosing a small sedan. Never lose sight of the main reason why you are buying a car in the first place.

Here are few added questions that you’d want to consider:

  • Are the primary controls fine?
  • Are you comfortable with the seats?
  • Do you think the car has enough engine power?
  • Is the air conditioner functioning well?
  • Do you like the display-screen?
  • How is the quality of its sound system?

Top Entry-Level Luxury Sedans of 2016

Want something luxury but not ultra-luxury? Then these entry level versions are the ones that you want to take a closer look at. They give you the sedan size that you need for your family but they also make sure that you get some great features that you’ve been hoping for, like the comfort on the inside. After all, luxury is definitely key.


The BMW 3-Series is our first pick because it’s actually reasonably priced and has a pretty good gas mileage level as well. Not to mention you can choose a large variety of options when it comes to what type of engine you want including a turbo-diesel and a plug-in hybrid, which who wouldn’t love the options there? You’ll also have the option of a manual or automatic transmission and either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. You also get to choose three different body styles and you’ll enjoy driving in the comfort of this sporty sedan.


bmw-4-series-gran-coupeThe BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe also offers a lot of great features at a moderate price. This sleek styling is something you will never want to miss out on because it’s really nice with a five door option and plenty of upgrades too. You get a hatchback to store plenty of extra stuff while you’re traveling and you can choose from rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Not to mention you’re going to get plenty of horsepower and some pretty good gas mileage. This vehicle is a little larger than the 3-Series (as you’d expect) but you’ll definitely love it and you’ll like that you get more space by folding down the seats.

cadillac-atsThe Cadillac ATS has a somewhat traditional look to it but when you get on the inside you’re going to easily see that there’s more to it than you would think. With a reasonable price tag, you get a great performance with a manual or an automatic transmission and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. You get pretty good gas mileage and reasonable horsepower at the same time. What’s even more important (for most) is that you get a great infotainment package with Apple CarPlay to make it even better.

jaguar-xeFinally, you can choose the Jaguar XE. Now this one is definitely priced lower than you’d probably think it would with that name, but you’re going to enjoy the style with the supercharged engine and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive options. You’ll love the infotainment because it’s very heavy on touchscreen and upgrades and you’re going to want to get one of these vehicles for yourself. All you have to do is apply for a car loan and you could end up with one for yourself. Then you’ll never know what to expect.

Why You Should Buy Used Instead of New

Have you even thought about buying that next car for your family? Have you thought about just how you’re going to get it? Well there are actually a few options but one of the first things you have to decide between is whether you’re going to get a new or used vehicle for your family. For many, the idea of buying new is great, but it’s not always an available option for someone who is starting to look for a vehicle but doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of reasons that you should choose a new vehicle.


The first thing is a new vehicle starts losing value as soon as you turn around and drive off the lot. Once you sign the papers and put those first few miles on the vehicle it’s no longer worth what you’ve paid for it and you’ll never be able to get that much money back as a result. When you buy used, the vehicle is still worth what you’ve paid for it (as long as you get a good price) for at least a while after your purchase it and you could turn around and sell it immediately after you bought it for about the same price. So your investment is actually worth more.


Next, you’re going to have plenty of options amongst all of those used vehicles. Sure you might not get the exact vehicle that you thought you wanted but you’ll be able to choose from several different varieties and you’ll be able to get them at a much better price as well. Buying that car new is going to be more expensive in the way of the car itself and the insurance and just about everything you’re going to need. So you can get something just a little different for less or you can pay more for exactly what you want.


Finally, you’re going to save on some of the extras you don’t need. Think about all the fancy things that come with brand new cars now. Do you really need or want any of those things? Sure some of them might be nice, but they’re not really that important. By skipping on those features you’re going to save yourself some money and that’s going to be extremely important in the long run. So look at slightly older versions of those vehicles you’re interested in. A couple years old and you’re going to save a lot of money and you won’t even notice most of the differences.
The best thing you can do is look at used vehicles that are similar to what you think you want. You’ll find yourself saving a lot and you’ll be more than happy with what you end up with. Of course, there are plenty of new options out there too and if you’re really determined you can get one of those as well. Just make sure you check out the information here about getting that loan and to apply.